Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wild Saturday Night.

After a run to the gym, some errands, my taxes and a the soccer game of one of my students I was really looking forward to some time with the Coach tonight. He's been at a WKU coaching clinic and while WKU is here in Bowling Green seeing him slide into bed at midnight and then slide out at 7am is not exactly any better than a clinic in Louisville or Nashville.

The first game of the final four is a pretty big deal at the Shoebox. Coach is a DIE HARD Kentucky fan and always has been. So I've had my fingers and toes crossed for the last 4 hours hoping UK could pull out a win and lucky for me- they did! The Coach makes this stuff called 2 by 4 (2 X 4) soup and I fried (yes- I really fried) some okra, we had a few beers and enjoyed the game. 

But come, 8pm, I was over that whole Basketball thing. So I slipped into our bedroom and found that Legally Blonde was on Oxygen. And naturally, I decided to play beauty shop! 

There's my girl Reese, my Aussie Instant Freeze and my Sweat Pea Body Spray. It's really my apartment, the poor Coach just lives in it. Ha.

I tried out my new-ish nail polish. It's OPI and the color is called "Feelin' Hot Hot Hot." 
Do you like?

It's pretty bright pink so it's very spring appropriate BUT I don't know how appropriate it will look at Church in the morning. Oops. (Oh look, there's my engagement ring, *hehe*)

I also tried out the new mascara I got in my Clinique Bonus Time gift. It's called High Impact Optimal mascara and I paired it with Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express and Clinique's Lash Doubling Mascara. I think all 3 are WAY to much for school everyday but I think it will be fun to try again when we're in Tampa for my Last Fling Before the ring! 

Yes, this is what I look like while I'm creeping on your blogs ;-)

(PS Check out the cute invitations for my Bachelorette Party! My Sister is so fab!)

How was your Saturday night? Do you ever just need a night to play? 
Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Love & Peace!

Urban Dictionary, Oh my.

Ever put your favorite words, places, things, clubs, whatever into Urban Dictionary??? 

Well today, during my planning while I was not being paid by your tax dollars, I looked up a couple of things. It really started innocently disgustingly enough. You see, one of our charming 5th graders shared an expression with me and rather than allowing him to explain it in front of his giggling male friends, I decided to shoo them away and look it up myself. I won't tell you what it is because it was gross and while I'm not exactly prim and proper on this blog I am atleast trying to keep it classy here at Day of Inspiration. ANYWHO, I started searching for other things that relate to my lifeand here is what I found:

Husband: A man so special, you are willing to tolerate him for the rest of your life.
Terribly funny, if you ask me. 

My search for "Kindergarten" lead me to this:
Kinder Gardening: fertillizing your plants with dead children. 
Oh Dear Lord, How morib.  Guess I won't be having a KinderGARDEN theme for my end of the year play this year. Yuck.

The worst possible torture someone can go through.

Engaged: Screwed for life.
Har, Har.

Have you ever used U.D.? What did you find?? I'd love to hear your answers!
Love & Peace.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Your choice.

After a few weeks of lame workouts I really got it back together last Tuesday and then I found this awesome pin on Pinterest:

Just a thought for your week. People, if I can do the gym- ANYONE can do the gym. 

Love & Peace. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Don't you just love it when...

Don't you just love it when....
The sky is so blue it looks like a photoshop picture of what the sky should look like??

Don't you just love it when...
Your professional life starts to look less like a have to and more like a want to??

Don't you just love it when...
Pandora plays the song that has been on your mind all day and is the reason you turned on Pandora in the first place??

Don't you just love it when...
The temperature outside is so fabulous that you can have the windows open for days at a time??

Don't you just love it when...
Friday feels well deserved and very much appreciated??

Don't you just love it when..
Someone different thinks your outfits were cute everyday this week??

Don't you just love it when..
Your heart is so filled with joy and gratitude and peace and love and happiness that all you can do is PRAISE GOD?????


Love & Peace.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Love Letter.

So often we forget to praise the ones we love the most. So here it is:

Dear Coach,
You are the most incredible gift I have ever received. You are the deepest, truest, most honorable man. Your passion and sincerity, your humor and your understanding, your laughter and your compassion make you so unique. You are a fine example to the young men that you coach, to your closest of friends and to every person you meet. You make me better, brighter and more loving with each passing day. Thank you for being the very best part of me. I look forward to sharing every day, for the rest of my life with you. I look forward to starting a family and building a home with your hand in mine. You are the most incredible gift I have ever received. 

I love you,

Niece & Nephew.

Annabelle, in her Lilly P romper.  So posh.

And Grant eating his first sandwich ever. 

What did we do before Facebook??
I just love them!

Love & Peace

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weekend update :-)

It is a lovely morning here in SOKY. 72 degrees and sunny. I'm trying to enjoy my last few months in Kentucky so I made pancakes, eggs and bacon this morning(while the Coach was at the gym- ha ha, oops.) Then I sat my hiney on the deck next to my new plant from Lowes {trip was successfull} and turned on my "French Cafe" Pandora.

Now I blog from said, deck and look forward to doing whatever I please on this March Saturday.

The Coach and I went out on a date last night. We had dinner at Cheddar's, got a couple of Blizzards and a Redbox movie for under $40. Successful date? I think yes. We're lucky that our Kitties can take care of themselves and we don't have to pay a sitter (winkwink.) We watched Friends with Benefits. It was really pretty funny- much better than No Strings Attached. Justin Timberlake comes across really genuine (which I suspect he is) and Mila Kunis is so terribly beautiful it's super hard not to like her.  It's worth the buck to see this movie. It's not deeply intellectual or anything just a fun date movie.

I've really got to organize my closet today. In fact because this was my last real winter for a while, I plan on taking some of those winter pieces to Goodwill today. That should clear up some space in my closet for the spring goodies to come! I went to JCPenney's on Thursday when we were out of school and found this cute little (University of Illinois!!) shift dress for $40! I'm not a huge Penney's girl but there are always 1 or 2 REALLY cute dresses out. And with their prices the way they are- it's hard not to shop there. They have a variety of spring Oxfords too and the Coach looks to handsome in them that I'm always looking for any that he doesn't have. I think I'll be wearing my new shift dress to my next bridal shower!

Alright, enough rambling. I'm off to start my day (yes- it's 11am.) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Love & Peace!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Negative Nancy gets a 4 day weekend!

Holy Moley do I need it.

My school district gives us a 3rd quarter break but usually be lose it because we're making up snow days. As this was a fairly mild winter, the break is ours this year and I'm pretty pumped. It's a little annoying that the Coach had his 3rd quarter break last week but it does mean that I get to bring him lunch tomorrow and that adds a little excitement to his day.

The weather will be alright Thursday and Friday but not as pretty as it is here today. 80 and Sunny is a rare jewel for Southern Kentucky in March. It feels like a Florida March day only breezier. I love it. I'm blogging from the porch right now :-)

My Alma Mater's basketball team had a big win last night. And now it means they're on to play the University of Kentucky tomorrow and yikes is all I have to say about that game.  I do have a little more to say about WKU's coach, Ray Harper. I posted this on Facebook just a few minutes ago:

"Here's the thing about Coach Harper... He's positive and humble and he's doing something right with the players on his team because they are winning...BUT where will all of this support and admiration be the SECOND WKU starts having trouble? He will still be positive and classy and he will still be a good basketball Coach BUT everyone will dog him the way they did with Coach Horn and Coach McDonald and every other Head Coach of every other college sport ever. People don't really ever love their head coaches, they just love winning. It makes my stomach turn. I hope Coach Harper has a strong wife. She's in my prayers."

 Sounds negative doesn't it? I don't mean it to be, I just worry. I think about the Harper's and I think about us, the Coach and Me and our family some day. I wonder what it will really be like when Coach is the HEAD coach of a good football team and they start to lose. I wonder what it will really feel like when he gets fired for the first time (and he will, they all do.) I hope I'm strong enough. I hope I'm exactly the kind of wife he needs me to be when he needs me to be it.  Oh, I worry. I worry about how weak I really am and I worry about my Coach and they life he so deeply longs to have. 

Let's just hope that Coach Harper keeps winning and that my Coach wins too. And then we won't have to worry about getting fired....a girl can dream can't she??

We're getting closer and closer to the wedding, and the move to Florida and to our brand new life. I'm nervous, excited, in denial, overwhelmed, thrilled. And as the events grow closer my anxiety grows too. I hope that the Lord can bring me some peace soon. I'd like to get through the end of the school year with a happy heart. 

I think I got everything out of my system today. I'll put Negative Nancy away for a while. I'll be braving Lowes tomorrow for some porch plants! I'm not all that great at Lowes alone- the place overwhelms me so I'll let you know how that goes!

P.S. Pork Chops and Cheddar Cheese grits tonight for dinner!!! I feel good about it- I'll let ya know!

Love & Peace. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Favorite things!

Raindrops on roses, and wiskers on kittens...

Do you have things that you just love??  I am a huge believer in enjoying your favorite things as often as you possibly can. So today I share my very favorite (material) things:

1. Watermelon
EVERYTHING about it. I love the real thing but I love the color too. I love anything painted like a watermelon, looks like a watermelon slice or resembles a watermelon!

2. Gummy Bears, Worms, Peach Oh's, Gummy Sharks...
I have a gummy problem. I would eat almost anything gummy. There is something about the texture and the color that makes me love them. They're just so cheerful!
3. Reubens.
My most favorite Reuben is from this place in Bowling Green called Griff's Deli. I really do try to order something else when we go there, but I just can't do it! The Reuben is soooo good!
4. Anything personalized!
I love monograms and initials on everything! It's so southern, so sweet, so preppy and it's so fun!
5. Vanilla FroYo.
It's amazing. It's lowcal/fat free and it's extremely underrated if you ask me. It is fabulous with strawberries when you're feeling healthy, or you can have it with chocolate chips if your'e feeling naughty!
6. Storybook perfection.
As in, little cottages, cute dresses, adorable children, wildflowers, pretty tea cups and French cafe music. Obsessed.

6. Kittens and Cats of all kinds.
I just love 'em! And their merchandise. I'll buy almost anything with a cat on it.

7. Big hair, Big earrings, Big BOWS! 
I love hair bows, I've been wearing them my whole life and I tell myself that because I'm a teacher- I can still wear hairbows. I'm not sure if I can or not, but I do.

I went for the first time on my 21st birthday. You see, my birthday is May 6th and that makes me a "Derby Baby." I've been obsessed with the Derby and horses my whole life. Thanks Dad.

9. Tiffany Blue.
I was given my first Tiffany Blue box at 17. And I've been in love with the color and the store ever since. My heart shaped "Return to Tiffany's" earrings are my most favorite item. They came from the Tiffany's in Chicago (my most favorite city in the world) with my Dad during our most recent trip there. I remember the whole experience as if it happened yesterday. I cherish those memories with my Dad.

10. Naptime.
I've loved since I was a very little child. If I could, I would nap for 2 to 4 hours every day. It's sad that as I age I can't sleep as well at night if I've slept through the day but ooohhhh I do love naptime. I look forward to summertime when I can lay in the sun, workout at the gym and nap in the afternoon. I just love sleep.
BONUS: I love Princess Catherine. Kate Middleton is my bff. I'm pretty sure we'd get along fabulously!!

What are your favorite things???

Love & Peace

Warm Weekend!

The weather has been BEAUTIFUL in Southern Kentucky this weekend. I've been in the Shoebox by myself this weekend because the Coach went up to Louisville to see his family. We both have these little 3rd quarter breaks in March but because we aren't teaching in the same school district this year, his break was this past Thursday and Friday and my break is this coming Thursday and Friday. I've used/am using my weekend alone well and I think he is too.

I started my day yesterday by writing the Thank You notes for the guests of my shower. And then I  got rid of somethings we aren't using in the Shoebox anymore. I took them over to LuLu's to sell and then stopped at the butcher shop for some beef. We don't eat a lot of red meat at our house but as sick as I have been the last 10 days, I thought adding some "meat" (pun intended) to our diet might do me some good.

Speaking of meals, my dinner plans this week include, Pork Chops and Grits from one of my favorite Blogs, {Puttin' on the GRITS} and we're going to have Pasta with Meat Sauce one night too. I think that's one of the most boring meals on the planet but the Coach goes bananas for it. It's in his top 5 favorites and seeing as he treated me like a queen last week while I was sick, I figure I owe it to him :-) I bought some stew meat while I was at the butcher yesterday too and tonight we're having a really yummy Irish stew with buttermilk biscuits to celebrate my clean apartment and the return of the Coach! I have some plans for bacon wrapped chicken later this week too! I'll do my best to snap some photos for you but at the least, I'll share the recipes as they come about.

During my last sick day at home last week I felt well enough to move to my couch and watch a movie. I chose Midnight in Paris, which I had never seen before. And while I was a little sad that Rachel McAdams played such a bitch pain in the butt, I really really enjoyed the movie. I desperately want to visit Paris. I dream about it almost every week and I often tell myself that I should and could learn French. The movie made me drool and it got me very excited about French music. Cafe music of the 20's, the classic stuff that we, Americans, dream is being played through speakers on cobblestone streets all over Paris (something like Disney World.) Anyway, I found the station "French Cafe" on Pandora and people, it's fabulous! I have been playing it practically non-stop on this windows open, hazelnut coffee March weekend!

My plans today, other than enter my Paris fantasy once again, would be to make my little stew, finish cleaning my apartment, snuggle with Sophia and Jeremiah and then take a nice walk tonight when the Coach gets home.

I hope you've all had an equally enjoyable weekend and that you enjoy your Sunday with a big smile on your face :-)

Love & Peace.

New Look!

What do you think?

Do you like the pink? I'm getting pretty excited about the wedding and it's getting really close so I'm trying to "think pink" and I thought the kissing picture was sweet :-)

Hope you like it too!

Love & Peace!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Scarlet Fever

Ever heard of it?? It does still exist. I know. Rather intimately, do I know.

I went back to my classroom today for the first time in 3 days because for 4 1/2 days I have been down for the count. On Saturday evening after my Bridal Shower I started coughing. My chest hurt a little when I took a deep breath and I had been nursing a sore throat for about a week so I went right home, visited with one of my Bridesmaids from out of town and then I hit the hay. When I woke up Sunday morning, I felt TERRIBLE. My head was killing me, my body hurt, I had a stuffed up nose, cough and terrible chills. The Coach was kind enough to wait on me hand and foot while I laid in bed drinking green tea and  lazily tossing my tissues on the floor. I worked in a few Airbournes and called it a night pretty early- with every intention of going to school on Monday.

HA. My body had other plans.

I woke up on Monday morning with a fever of 103 (whaaaaaatttt?) and the symptoms from the previous day magnified. I fumbled out some sub plans and signed up for a sub for the day...which turned into being out Tuesday too. But the time the Coach got home from Football Tuesday afternoon even he started to notice that we had a serious problem. I couldn't stop shaking, I was sweating so much  that I looked like I had been standing in the shower with my clothes on. My face was yellow and back HURT. After about 10 Tylenol my fever finally broke at some point during the night but on Wednesday morning I just had to see a doctor. Why didn't I go DAYS earlier you might ask?? Well, A. I am stupid, and B. dear Dr. Mom didn't know quiet the severity of this illness until I explained that my throat had been sore more than 10 days. So she was just telling me to hydrate. As soon as she heard the whole story, Dr. Mom said, "Oh, Lord- it's Scarlet Fever!" and to the doctor I went.

Apparently, what I thought was a sore throat was Strep, that moved into my lungs and then into my bloodstream. That's when the fever hit. Did you know that fewer than 20% of adults ever develop scarlet fever? Well now you know someone in the 20%.

With a miracle shot and some serious anit-biotics I was shipped back to school today. And after all of the Kindergarten craziness, I am exhausted. Thanks for reading- sorry for the long delay. I'll be back with some meal posts this weekend! Stay Healthy, friends. And if you do happen to fall ill, go to the doctor y'all. It's worth it.

Love & Peace!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

March Showers bring June BRIDAL flowers :-)

Yesterday was a dream! Two of my lovely friends were so kind as to host a shower for me yesterday and it could never have gone any better! It was the most interesting mix of women in my life and it made for a really fun afternoon. The theme was "everything you need to be a good Coach's wife" and cake went right along with it!!!

Here are a few pictures for this lovely afternoon:


And the excellent drinks!

Some of our lovely gifts, thanks y'all!

Look at the

The Coach made a little cameo. This is a picture of us wth his family. 

Opening some lovely gifts!

With Jennifer my "Aunt" ;-)

My soon-to-be niece, Addie!

With my WONDERFUL future Mother in Law.

My Bridesmaid and future Sister in Law, Theresa.

Opening some cards :-)
Look at the sweet tables! They had gift bingo and a little advice card at each seat. 

All of our pictures.

The Coach arrived just in time to help cut the cake!
Serving cake- soooo yummy!

The Group!

The LOVE of my life!

My AMAZING friends and hostesses!!!

THANK YOU girls for a wonderful day! It couldn't have been any better! I can not wait for the celebrations to come over the next 3 months! This was only the beginning and I can't wait for you all to be there with us when we tie the knot on June 30th!

Love & Peace

Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's only Thursday?!?!?

First day of Maaaarrrrccchhhhh. Lalalalala!
Only 50 (ish) day of school remain! PRAISE THE LORD!

Here is a look at our evening in the Shoebox:
Father of the Bride

Thin Mints

The Coach
Kentucky Basketball at 8pm.
Hope you're all have a GREAT evening!