Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May!!

Just a couple updates on our life...

My dear sweet sister, Amanda, is in labor with her 3rd baby as I write this post!! That's right, Rosemary Grace Walton is preparing to join the world on "may day." With all the heartbreak the Walton's have had this year in losing their sweet baby girl Annabelle Elizabeth and then the loss of Rodney's incredible Mother- I'd say it's time for these dear hearts to have some JOY! Grant can't wait to be a big brother again! I'll let you know when she arrives!

The Coach and I are sickeningly happy. I think it's a disease to be this content all the time. He's preparing for his first season as the tight end coach at Armwood and I am preparing for a move to FIRST GRADE! That's right- I'm going to first grade in the fall and I'm so excited I could just die! I have so loved actually getting to teach kiddos to read this year (as opposed to last year when all I did was teach Reading Mastery, what a joke) that I know I will love taking the kiddos even further next year. It looks like I'll get about a third of my class again so that should be a blast. I love my babies this year. I will say that I am going to miss my Kindergarten team SO much. They have re-built me, they have embraced me and praised me. I have been able to teach the way I know is best and I have been appreciated for it. They are excellent teachers with so much to give, it has been SO refreshing.

No, we aren't pregnant.

We are still loving Florida. No snow, lots of sunshine and 30 minutes to the beach. What's not to love???

My birthday is on Monday so this is officially "Birthday Week!" Monday night was Walkin' Taco's for dinner and slurpees from 7/11 and last night was great gourmet burgers and a Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks. Tonight was the first night of spring practice so the Coach got home really late- dinner was on our own ( I had cereal and a hot dog- healthy, I know)  and as for my special treat, I guess I'll  have to wait and see what the Coach has planned! This weekend should be wonderful. We have a wedding, a date to Cinebistro and a trip to Tiffany's planned and not to mention a visit Orlando to hold my darling baby niece Rosie and hug on my sweet Sis.

I hope you're all happy as clams!

Love & Peace!