Saturday, October 10, 2009

Presents and Princes!

In mid August I through a baby shower on behalf of my Sister and her first child to be, Grant Charles. I just wanted to share some of the photos from this event! It was a complete Success. I also have a few photos to post from Michael and Ashley's couples shower, I'm starting to really enjoy all of this party planning!

Alright! Here are the Michael and Ashley Shower shots!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2 weekends in the possibility city!

The weekend of September 25th was a crazy one. I had the opportunity to act as the "day of coordinator" for one of my best friends weddings. Ashley Welch and I met my sophomore year in college. We were both little sisters to Sig Ep and our boyfriends shared a house together off campus for a couple of years. Originally, Ashley (whose nickname is Juicy) and I were not friends. With similar personalities, Juicy and I really butted heads. After some time together and good behavior, we learned that we could actually be friends and that being alike was actually highly benificial for our friendship! Anyway, back to the wedding. Juicy married Michael Kunz, her childhood sweetheart. They have been living in Louisville for almost a year now and until a few months ago they were so worried about the renovation of their home that the wedding was on the back burner. Michael and Ashley purchased a foreclosure home near Crestwood. Michael has a degree in Architectural Sciences and Ashely in Interior design, so you would think, if anyone could handle it, it would be them....and while the house is beautiful now, you would not believe the work it required. I'm glad they didn't kill each other before they got down the aisle! This is a shot of the guest bathroom looks beautiful now, I wish I had an after shot but as you can tell, this was a daunting task. Saturday's wedding was gorgeous. I had the opportunity to spend the whole day with Juicy. And by 4:30 it was wedding time :-) Here are just a few pictures of their beautiful day!

Weekend two was football galore. Ben Faust coaches for Bowling Green High school, and there was a home game so Friday night began the insanity. I got to B's game at 6:45 and watch the game until about 10pm. I stayed and congratulated B on his win and then headed back to his house to wait. It was about 10 degrees Friday night (not literally) so I took his house key home and waited for him to pack up the field house and get back. At 11pm we left for Louisville. Crashed at his parents house, and got up at 7am this next morning to meet Jennifer and Andy( Ben's brother and sister in law) and then head off to Lexington for the UK/Bama game. We tailgated, watched the game and then jumped in the car 7 hours later to head back to Louisville for the St.X/Trinity game...but 9pm I was beat. I'm sure I was horrible to sit with! I was freezing, hungry and exhausted. Ben is a saint for putting up with me. Sunday morning we went to church at Harvey Brown, which is where I went to church when we lived in Louisville. Then we stopped by a family birthday party and hit the road. Brief as my description has been, it was a great weekend. I loved seeing Alabama win and enjoyed another great weekend in the possibility city!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You never know who you'll see at Tootsie's

The past three weeks have been totally nuts. My life has been an emotional roller coaster. After my first drive to Owensboro and then all the way back to Nashville I melted down. I couldn't handle that much time in the car when I had been up since 5am. I was convinced I had to move. It had been a week and I was SURE I couldn't really live out my dreams here in Nashville because I was too crippled by the process of commuting to Bowling Green. I spent the weekend following on the phone with my Dad and talking to some close friends in Bowling Green, only to realize that what I needed was a serious nap, some good food and a few deep breaths. By the next Sunday I was really ok. I determined that I was going to have to crash in Bowling Green on Thursday nights because the drive was too much. And really, it helped me get my work done before my long weekends. I would have Friday's to work IN Bowling Green if I needed it and re-charge my "friend" battery by meeting up with a couple of people every week. Diane is the first friend I ever made in college, we lived on the same floor of our dorm and then 6 weeks later we both initiated into Kappa Delta. She has been there for me with every dumb decision, bad boyfriend and moment of triumph. And she is there for me again this semester, by allowing me her spare key on Thursday nights and my own little camp on her living room pull out. She is saving my life is so many ways. I am very grateful for her friendship.

I know we've all heard everyone say that "Everything happens for a reason" but here is some awesome proof. Not 24 hours after making my decision to stay in Nashville, I got a phone call from Jett Aaron who is the band leader at "Tootsie's Orchid Lounge" downtown. Sunday night ammiture night had an opening. His brother, Chris Aaron, the talent manager at State Street in Bowling Green (where I had played in the summer of 2008) had sent him my tape, told him I was in Nashville now and asked him to call me and give me a shot if they ever had an opening. I was thrilled! I had a two hours of time and an open set list, he said they would play anything I wanted to sing. As soon as I hung up, I burst into tears, probably because I was exhausted but also because I was overjoyed. I was going to sing in Nashville on a stage where Toby Keith and Kenny Chesney had both played, just a matter of months before! I mean, Roger Miller wrote "Dang Me" in Tootsie's and Willie Nelson was hired as a song writer in this bar....It was unreal.

Sunday night came and went much too quickly. It was oddly enough the night that Kanye West humiliated Taylor Swift at the MTV VMA's and the show was on in the background of the bar. I remember looking up during a break and seeing her on stage and thinking "Oh Taylor, help me out girl, don't let me puke my guts out during my first Nashville show..." Before I knew it, the show was over. The guys in the band told me that on your first night in Nashville you take home all the tips. But from then on, it's evenly split. When they asked me what I was going to do with my first Musician's paycheck...all $75 dollars of it... I laughed and told them that the drive costs were really catching up with me and that I had to use my money for groceries because I was out of milk...and lunch meat....and cereal and well, everything! To which Jett replied that that meant I had made my first mark, he said that you're only a true struggling artist if you spend your first paycheck on a guitar or groceries. I felt fulfilled :-)

Friday, September 11, 2009

25 facts.

This little project made its way around my friends email so I decided to make my own list of 25 random facts, and now I'm sharing it with you all!

1. To begin...I do not believe in the use of hangers. My clothes were made to live on the floor. If you don't believe me please ask any of the women who lived in the Kappa Delta House from the Fall of 2007 until the Spring of 2008.
2. On the political spectrum, I am somewhere to the right of Atilla the Hon, however I am working on being more tolerant.
3. I love Chris Rice's music, if you don't know who that is, YOUTUBE him!
4. My sister is the bravest woman I know. She has held my hand through so many battles and now that she is fighting battles of her own I hope that I can be the support she has always been for me, and more!
5. That being said, I believe that one of the most important things college has taught me is that I do much better with ONE sister....atleast one at a time.
6. I'm obsessed, OBSESSED with FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS(the show, not so much the movie)
7. The matching scarf-hat-glove combination(in all colors) from Old Navy is this little Florida girl's best friend.
8. I took Bowling last semester, it was horrible, I am a terrible bowler.
9. The next person to back into, rear-end, side swipe or so much as sneeze on my car will face my wrath.
10. Luckily, I am not from a small town.
11. My cat is the bomb-diggity, if you don't know Jeremiah then you need to come over, he will entertain you, bite you, chase you, knock over your glass and win your heart in one short visit.
12. Football Season, I love it.
13. When I get married, my wedding with be EPIC. Come one, come all you will never experience anything like it again.
14. I put chocolate candy in the freezer, I like it better cold.*BONUS: I also put egg shells in my disposal NOT the trash can.
15. If I am alone in a room at night, I have to play the radio softly, otherwise no sleeping for me.
16. If I could be just little bit more like Emily Lueken, Staci Miller Lester, Leslie Nowlin, Amanda Evans Walton and Stacey Adkisson Forsythe I'm pretty sure I would be content for life.
17. I find it so irritating that my 23 year old high school sweetheart insists on getting married FOR THE SECOND TIME since he graduated from high school. What is it with people who HAVE to get married?!? ....poor guy.
18. My Initials are E.E. I and it depresses me that someday I will have to be something else like E.J. or E.L. or E.H.....
19.I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. Yikes.
20. I like my pizza on a soft thin crust with minimal sauce and good cheese.
21. I have sung the national anthem at over 100 school functions since 8th grade, I'm pretty sure I know the lyrics better than I know my social security number.
22. I have to BEST KD FAMILY, it starts with Julia Bodine, Krisin Hartley, Stacey Adkisson, Julia Howes, Staci Miller, Sara Puckett and Jessica Meibers, that's a freakin dynasty! Be jealous.
23. Cancer Survivor. It has been a long 5 years of good and bad reports and as private as my family and I have been, I am proud now to say that I am a Cancer Survivor and I look forward to sharing my story with as many people as possible.
24. I wear proudly the letters of 2 outstanding Greek organizations, Kappa Delta Sorority: the home of my Mother, Sister and Aunt and Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity: the place my future husband and the brothers I've never had all call home.
25. I am the luckiest person in the world.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cat Nap

Well we actually left around 5:30 yesterday...but in my family if people really want to leave on time then they know to give me about 30 minutes of "staging" time. This means that if my Dad really wants to leave for say, the airport, at 3:30 then he needs to tell me 3pm. Because as hard as I try to get it together, I can't! It's like some sort of disease, Alice in Wonderland Syndrome - and the only cure is to assign a very persistent rabbit to each patient and request that he constantly remind them of their impending tardiness....

Anywho, we got on the road and most importantly, we arrived safely. It only took 11 hours yesterday and while I slept from about Lake City to Atlanta, my Dad even thought it went by quickly. We experienced everything the annual Father/Daughter trip should! We listened to the same CD close to 6 times, stopped for pit stops in between fill ups (bringing our totally stop count to somewhere close to 10 ha) and had breakfast and lunch at some of I-75's most reputable fast food establishments. It was business as usual. The best part of this fabulous trip was surprisingly Jeremiah! You see, this cat refuses, I MEAN REFUSES to ride in the cat carrier. He acts out to the point where he is throwing his body against the sides of the cage and scratching the bottom of the cage as if he were digging to China, it's ridiculous. So, the previous solution to this problem has been to allow Jeremiah to sit in my lap for the duration of our 10-14 hour trip. This is fine because I love him and he's adorable however, this means no resting for me because the cat has lots of exploring to do and sights to see while we're on the rode. But yesterday he was like a whole new kitty! My dad left a little room on the seats laid down behind us, and instead of sitting on me, Jeremiah slept calmly on the back seats, only occasionally getting up to readjust or relocate on to the top of a Rubbermaid bin. This allowed me plenty of time to take my very own cat nap. Naturally I was thrilled!