Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Wisdom.

Love & Peace

200th Post :-)

200 Posts! Who knew?
 I don't have the time or energy to make a list of the 200 things I love the most so I thought I'd settle for 20!
1. Tampa
This picture is from Valentine's Day weekend...Seriously. It was warm, sunny and we were at the beach. How can you NOT love this city??
This is what our neighborhood looks like at Christmas. No ice, no brown snow. Just a pastel sunset, and some decorations. #Heavenonearth
2. My family
I love this picture. Even though everyone is hurting deeply over the loss of our sweet Annabelle, we stood together as a family and my sister was the strongest of us all. I'll never, ever be able to repay the debt I owe her for the incredible service she did for me by standing at my side exactly two weeks after the death of her child. She is the truest representation of a Godly woman.
3. Being Married to the Coach
These are our first steps as husband and wife- out of the bubble that was our wedding ceremony and into the real world. So far, so good!
4. My "zipzip"
I know this picture is ugly because it's in the garage- but it's rainy today so I didn't pull her into the driveway. Y'all, I love this car. I know it's stupid but she's so cute and she's so zippy (I'm sure my Dad hates that I just wrote that) but it really is a little sports car. This car is such a good model BMW. The 2002, 2003, 2004 & 2005 3-series (mine is a 2003) cars got the best safety ratings of any luxury cars that year. It has a great back seat and pretty grey leather. I'm sure a car seat will fit nicely in there...someday.

My new monogram sticker in the back window. Clearly this car belongs to Elizabeth Evans Faust :-)
5. Jeremiah and Sophia, the worlds most low maintenance cats.
Rough life they have.
6. ANYthing Personalized
7. Lilly Pulitzer
8. Naps
9. Pandora
10. My School/My job
I mean check out that view?
11. SWEETS!!!!!!!!
12. Summer
13. Things that haven't changed.
Beef and Noodles at Grandma Craig's house. Grandpa Craig used the cut noodles, then it was my Dad and now it's The Coach.
14. The Kentucky Derby
This was my 21st birthday. I was born on May 6th so I was definitely a "Derby Baby." My Dad took my sister, my best friend Staci and me to the Derby that year and I look forward to going back ON my 30th birthday with my Husband :-)
15. Peppermint Tea
16. Birthdays
17. Southern Living's Wedding Magazine
18. Pink things
19. Pinterest
20. Rosemary Grace Walton
That would be my sister, Amanda in this picture with me and that bump on her belly is Rosemary Grace Walton- "Baby Rosie" is due to enter the world on May 1st. And we couldn't be more thrilled. We all miss Annabelle so much and we are glad that Grant will have a baby sister again. On our refrigerators we have lavender and white rose shaped magnets- they reminds us to pray for Amanda and Rosie whenever we see them and so I ask you, my blog family to do the same. When you are out shopping and see rose covered stationary or you're at the grocery and walk by the florist or perhaps when you see a rose pin the next time you're at the mall, please take just a second to lift up my sister, this baby girl and our family up in prayer. The support is more appreciated than you could ever know!
I hope you all have/had a wonderful Palm Sunday. I leave you, friends, with a few pictures of our morning here in the Sunshine state...which is uncharacteristically cloudy today.
Love & Peace.
"Bacado" Omlet at First Watch. So Delish.
Sunday morning Coach :-)
Recycled Lilly P. Don't judge.
I have a creamer problem....2 cups of coffee, 6 cups of creamer. So bad.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Evacuate the Cell Phone

So, I really love my job. And I really love my husband which means I'm doing very little interesting cooking or crafting or shopping lately because all I do is hang out in my Classroom, come home and make an easy dinner and then cuddle up with my husband or maybe go out for a bike ride.

So all I have are just a few non-facebook snapshots of what the Coach and I have been up to lately.
Lots of dinners on the lanai in the pretty winter weather in Tampa :-)

My Bridesmaid, Emily, had her baby in November and she and baby Leeland were kind enough to pick the Coach and I up from the airport last week.

Married life is bliss!

Jeremiah is still glad to back in the FL warmth.

My nephew Grant is getting really big. He turned 3 in October.

Sums up my marriage.

Sums up our Saturday mornings...exciting,  I know.

We made a trip back :-) Just for the was enough, ha.
Love & Peace!

Move along lists

Moving can be very complicated. When I moved from Nashville to Bowling Green a few years ago I spent a huge amount of time organizing plastic storage bins and typing up lists of content. I even color coded the external lables to match the rooms in our tiny little apartment (later known as The Shoebox) where the containers need to be placed. Orange for the Kitchen, Green for the Den, Yellow for our bedroom and pink for the living room. I wrote K, D, BR and LR on the boxes too.  I was uncharacteristically organized and I would say "prepared" for the Dad, brother-in-law and father-in-law might not all agree but I felt like I did pretty well.
There were some things I didn't anticipate. Those were the little things that you need starting the very first moment you move into your place. The Coach and I were incredibly blessed to have my Dad in town when we moved into our Kentucky apartment and he SO graciously took us to Walmart for $200 worth of things I hadn't even thought about. Moving is relatively expensive and I know now that we've moved to Tampa that it gets even more expensive when you move from an apartment to a house! 
So often when we move, we eat our way through the freezers and we intentionally get to the last of disposable items so that we don't have to move them BUT then we get to our new places and need those things right away! So I have compiled a of list of things that you might need in those first few days, just to help you avoid forgetting about the little things (and their often big costs!)
Love & Peace