Sunday, October 9, 2011


This is post 101! Can you believe it?!?!

I am so disappointed that I didn't notice until today and that my 100th post was so extremely lame! What was I thinking?!? Oh well. Let's celebrate with 101 instead.

Tomorrow is our first day back to school after a long and lovely fall break. The Coach and I did lots of things but most recently we redecorated the living room of the Shoebox! Remember when I said I was going to do that in July? Welllll that didn't happen- until now! Our old living room was this:
Shot from the kitchen.

shot from the hallway.
 Clearly there is a lot of red. And as I learned after a few months of cohabitation, the Coach hates red. (I mean really?? of all the colors I should have known that no UK fan can have a red living room- oops.) so after 16 months of living here I finally fixed the problem. No more red!

Welcome to our new...dare I say, Shabby Chic living room!!! It's still a work in progress because that gallery wall behind the couch needs some work and the coffee table leaves me puzzled...but hey! IT'S NOT RED!!
Shot from the kitchen.
 The rug on the floor was really my inspiration. It's kind of a nutty story. You see, that rug was in my sisters room in her Kappa Delta house in college. She passed it down to me when I got my first apartment on my own 4 years ago but I never used it. I put the rug under the bed and, until Friday, never got it out. I was actually taking it up the LuLu's Home Furnishings to sell and when I rolled it out to vacuum it- I fell in love.
Shot from the hallway.
How do you feel about the multicolor pillows? I was trying to bring in more of the colors in the rug but I'm not sure how I feel about them just yet. Now my favorite part are those SHUTTERS! Aren't they to die??? I can't help but feel like the whole room calls for a warm cup of coffee and a snow day :-)

Thanks for following y'all! I'll write again soon!

Love & Peace!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Toooo long.

It has really been about a month since I have written you all my darling followers! PLEASE forgive me.
Please allow me to start with a list of all the things you have missed...
1. We went to Illinois.
2. We moved into a classroom ( I say WE because without Ben and the help of my dear friend Jennifer- it would never have happened)
3. We have officially decided to move back to TAMPA in June...2 weeks before our wedding in Louisville. Awesome.
4. We have been on fall break all week and I could stay on fall break forever.
5. I really want to have a I wish we married right now so that I could have one.
6. I'm pretty sure I don't really mean what I just wrote.
7. We had our first wedding shower- it was WONDERFUL!
8. We're redecorating our living room!
9. Engagement pictures next weekend.
10. I missed blogging!

Love & Peace, I'll write again tomorrow- promise :-)