Sunday, June 19, 2011

How lucky!

I have the most excellent of Fathers.

My sister always walked with my Mom, and I always sat on my Dad's shoulders. My Dad can listen to me talk for hours without interrupting. He has seen me cry over terrible boyfriends, and homesickness and Cancer. He is my #1 fan, and I am most definitely his!

Happy Father's Day...How lucky am I!!

Love & Peace on this Father's Day weekend!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Where we were a year ago & Where we are today!

Coach and I moved into our shoebox 1 year and a month ago.
We were totally broke, without jobs for the fall (I didn't even have a summer job) and living together for the first time.
We almost killed each other....PEOPLE, it was B.A.D.

So here we are a year later, engaged and more in love than I ever expected. I know my last post was about our little quarrels but this post is going to much more upbeat. In honor of my best friend moving in with her boyfriend for the first time last weekend, I have decided to create a list of things every cohabitating or newlywed couple should consider when joining homes.

1. PLEASE expect it to be difficult. I mean, really really difficult. Because then, when it only sucks a little to share your under the bathroom counter space, your bedtime ritual, your food, your covers and your loofah, you will be pleasantly surprised.

2. Jurisdictions, jurisdicitons, jurisdictions. Even if they aren't the typical roles you both need them. Who is in charge of garbage? your kitty's litter box? who walks the dog in the a.m? who walks him in the p.m.? who makes the bed? laundry and how often? who cooks? who cleans what?? I mean, really, sit down and make a list if you need it. Honor your roles and praise each other when you keep on track. Just because it's Coach's job to do garbage doesn't mean I don't thank him for doing it or that I can surprise him by putting a new bag in for him while he's running the trash to the dumpster.

3. Find common TV/movie interests. When you're young, and especially when you're trying to save for a house you spend lots of time at home. Invest in Netflix or find something you both really like watching. Coach likes ESPN any time and I really love TLC but we both like House Hunters, Property Virgins and Man vs. Food. It's great to watch something together while I'm waiting for the chicken to bake or the rice to cook. It keeps us from being annoyed with each other and it starts lots of little convo's after work.

4. That being said, find a common FREE interest outside of your new place. You are going to need to get the hell out of dodge from time to time. So start having dinner at your local park- they have lots of pavilions with picnic tables, go on walks or look up local events like concerts in the park! It's fun to do something creative so check out your Rec center or YMCA for free adult classes you both want to take.

5. Finally (and this came directly from the Coach's mouth), give everything more time, when you are ready to give up, give it even MORE time. You'll need more time than you think to get used to new routines. Change isn't easy for everyone and your partner will need your support whether they admit it or not. Coach is not always easy to love but who are we kidding?? Neither am I! But we knew deeeeeeep down that we loved each other and that we made a commitment to see our relationship through. This is the one time it's ok to be stubborn- don't give up, you love each other and 1 year from now, you'll be so glad you stuck it all out!

Love & Peace!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Conversations with Coach.

So far this week we have argued about...

1. Whether or not the word "kin" is redneck.

I say no, he says yes.

2. Who gets priority on the couch (mean who gets to put their feet/legs on who)

I say ME he says, not me :-(

3. Whether recycling your bath towel during the week is practical or gross

E-Gross, The Coach-practical

4. Where exactly the middle of the bed lies...

It's still up for debate.

5. When housework should be done

I say, whenever I have the energy. He says, the SECOND he gets home. (ugh, let me rest after work!!!)

6. How much ESPN is TOO MUCH ESPN

I say, more than 20 minutes. He says, What is this "too much" you speak of??

This is the short list.

Love & Peace.