Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sophia: Tyrant of the Night.

Do you remember when this little baby kitty arrived in our home? It will be a year ago on the 4th of July.

The Coach and I had been talking about getting another cat all through the spring. We thought Jeremiah (Our 4 year old cat, given to me by my sister) was getting lonely and inactive.  We'd been back and forth or when we should go to the humane society and whether we needed a grown cat or a kitten and before we could decide all of that on our own, I believe that God delivered Sophia to us. This 1lb gray kitten was given to me by a member of my summer camp staff. He'd found her in the pocket on the back of his seat on his boat. He thought she was a racoon when he saw her glowing eyes and he said he almost shot her. Luckily, she let out a teenytiny meow at just the right moment. When I met her  for the first time she was curled up on a bath towel inside a plastic laundry hamper. She was almost motionless and she was covered in 15 ticks. Her hip bones stuck sharply against her skin and her giant ears made her little body look almost unimaginably small.

The Coach and I spent weeks and weeks nursing her back to health. We were up at all hours of the night giving her medicine and checking her temperature. She was a very interesting new find to the resident house cat, Jeremiah but after a little gentle sniffing, he was more than happy to allow her to cuddle up on his mountain of fur.

Sophia has grown into a marvelous little cat. She is inquisitive and clever. She loves to play and loves to be held. She likes any kind of human food you'll give her and she has mastered the art of fetch.

ALLLLL that being said. This cat and I are going to have serious problems if she doesn't stop going crayzo-bonanao during the night.  Jeremiah will lay on the floor by the bed, occasionally sleep at the foot of the bed, he will look out the window in the Kitchen or look out the doors to the deck for any night creatures that might interest him. At about 6am, he will meow quietly and scratch on the open door to indicate that he's hungry (we feed them around 6 during the school year) one of us will get up, feed them and go back to sleep. SOHPIA on the other hand, is ridiculous! At around 2am she will decided she MUST get into the closet, her desperation is so intense that we actually have to lay books and towels against the door to keep her from SHREDDING the carpet. Then she will climb under the bed, lay on her back and scoot herself around on the floor using her claws against the box springs- this makes an unusually loud and irritating noise. SHE WILL NOT STOP. On occasion she will crawl under the comforter and attack our feet and sometimes she'll bring us her toy mouse or jingle ball and deliver it to our heads. She attacked my hair when it hangs of the pillow, she climbs onto every box or crate she can find, she runs laps, she attacks Jeremiah, she LOSES HER STINKIN' MIND! And I'm almost out of ideas. As soon as one of us gets up from bed she will immediately stop, trot over and rub against us. If one person finally gives in and moves to the couch, her behavior again stops. WHAT THE HECK ARE WE GOING TO DO????? We are up every 45 minutes and this is a cat, people, not a baby!

As I write the little darling is curled up and napping right beside me. It's as if she's fueling up for her midnight romp!

Suggestions, PLEASE????

Love & Peace.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wedding Day Playlist

One of the best vendors we're using is our hair salon. The place was recommended to me by a childhood/family friend and when I went it for my hair trial last weekend everything went really well. The place is called Friends Salon and I'm pretty sure that my sister and I have both had our hair cut there as kiddos! When I was getting ready to leave last weekend they told me that we were welcome to bring champagne and OJ or breakfast or whatever we wanted, including our own wedding CD. Well this got me thinking, music is such a HUGE part of my life. I pair songs to very specific times/experiences in my life, WAY more than normal people would do. So I had to ask myself, what do I want to listen to on wedding day?? I'm thinking cheerful, upbeat, cliche'! And here is the list I've created:

One Fine Day- The Chiffon's
Pretty Woman- Roy Orbison
Perfect Day- Hoku
Going to the Chapel- The Dixie Cups
Today I met the Boy I'm going to Marry- Darlene Love
Be my baby- The Ronnettes
Breathless- The Corrs
This Kiss- Faith Hill
All I wanna do- Sugarland
Wild One- Faith Hill
The Way you love me- Faith Hill
Fishin' in the Dark- Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Daddy's Money- Ricochet

The list is still a work in progress so if you have any suggestions leave me a comment or shoot me an email! I'd love to know what you think might be a good addition to the list!!

Love & Peace!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


So the Coach and I are moving in 7 days. This is what the shoe box looks like tonight....

Um, Holy Crap.

The Coach and I are seriously considering killing each other right about now because we have about 10,000 things to do and I'm so overwhelmed by just the idea of them all that I can't seem to get moving on any of them. This makes the Coach angry with me and it makes me feel bad and cry and shut down...thus nothing happens except more fighting. Oh, did I mention that we're also getting married in 24 days and that my car is in the shop and that we're going to Louisville for a wedding this weekend and that I'm not finished moving out of my classroom yet or that our apartment owner is trying to stick us for an extra month's rent and that we're trying to sell all of our furniture?????? We are swamped people. SWAMPED.

That being said, have I mentioned that I have not prayed ONE single time this week? Yes, I know it's only Tuesday but I'm thinking I haven't prayed since Friday...maybe longer than that. And I'm wondering why I'm so stressed!! Ever heard the expression, "Let go and Let God?" Well I have, and I really try to apply to all areas of my life...and for some reason I haven't allowed that to take any part in this move or the crunch time of the wedding.  Have I lost my mind? If there is ever a time when I need to "lean not on my own understanding" it would be now.

Do you remember me telling you how stressed and miserable the Coach and I were when we first moved in to The Shoebox? Well, this week has been basically just like that. We are both an emotional capacity and what we need is space and prayer. Please think of us this week as we make the move to Florida. Please pray for travel mercies and for relationship mercies. Pastor Roper told us once during a pre-marital session that "our love is bigger than anything we could ever face" and I'm needing lots of reminders of that right about now. Thanks for following and supporting! I love y'all very much and I can't wait to have the time to update you all about my girls weekend in Tampa soon!

Love & Peace!

p.s. if you know of any cleaning fairies, send them our way!!