Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cat Nap

Well we actually left around 5:30 yesterday...but in my family if people really want to leave on time then they know to give me about 30 minutes of "staging" time. This means that if my Dad really wants to leave for say, the airport, at 3:30 then he needs to tell me 3pm. Because as hard as I try to get it together, I can't! It's like some sort of disease, Alice in Wonderland Syndrome - and the only cure is to assign a very persistent rabbit to each patient and request that he constantly remind them of their impending tardiness....

Anywho, we got on the road and most importantly, we arrived safely. It only took 11 hours yesterday and while I slept from about Lake City to Atlanta, my Dad even thought it went by quickly. We experienced everything the annual Father/Daughter trip should! We listened to the same CD close to 6 times, stopped for pit stops in between fill ups (bringing our totally stop count to somewhere close to 10 ha) and had breakfast and lunch at some of I-75's most reputable fast food establishments. It was business as usual. The best part of this fabulous trip was surprisingly Jeremiah! You see, this cat refuses, I MEAN REFUSES to ride in the cat carrier. He acts out to the point where he is throwing his body against the sides of the cage and scratching the bottom of the cage as if he were digging to China, it's ridiculous. So, the previous solution to this problem has been to allow Jeremiah to sit in my lap for the duration of our 10-14 hour trip. This is fine because I love him and he's adorable however, this means no resting for me because the cat has lots of exploring to do and sights to see while we're on the rode. But yesterday he was like a whole new kitty! My dad left a little room on the seats laid down behind us, and instead of sitting on me, Jeremiah slept calmly on the back seats, only occasionally getting up to readjust or relocate on to the top of a Rubbermaid bin. This allowed me plenty of time to take my very own cat nap. Naturally I was thrilled!