Sunday, November 27, 2011

ABC's of me!

  1. Age: 24
  2. Bed size: Full but LORD do we need a bigger bed!
  3. Chore you hate: All of them but particularly hanging up my clothes or putting them away.
  4. Dogs: I like dogs that are either OUTDOOR DOGS or well groomed. Otherwise, thanks I'll just admire them from afar.
  5. Essential start to your day: Hitting the snooze button on my cell phone alarm.
  6. Favorite color: Pink
  7. Gold or silver: Both?
  8. Height: I'm 5'6"
  9. Instruments that you can play: I can play the Piano and that's it.
  10. Job title: Kindergarten Teacher, Coach's Wife in training.
  11. Kids: Do Sophie and Jeri count even though they are kitties?? ;-)
  12. Live: Bowling Green, Kentucky, for now...It'll be Tampa again in July!
  13. Mom’s name: Terri
  14. Nicknames: Lizzie
  15. Overnight hospital stays: Too many to count...
  16. Pet peeve: The Coach makes this awful whistling sound and I can't stand it!!!!!
  17. Quote from a movie: My favorites are "It's a miracle" from Bull Durham or "I assumed you would be wearing a Blaack Tuxadoh" ..."This is a blaack tuxadoh" ..."I don't think so babe, this tux is Navy Blue" from Father of the Bride
  18. Righty or lefty: Lefty!
  19. Sibling: Just my sweet sister, Amanda.
  20. Time you wake up: 5:30am..ugh
  21. Underwear: yes...? Is that how I'm supposed to answer that?!?
  22. Vegetables you dislike: Peppers and Onion
  23. What makes you run late: Oh Dear God, EVERYTHING.
  24. X-rays: Just a few. In fact, once when the Coach was living in KY and I was still living in Nashville I tripped on my Couch and broke a bone in my foot. I was in so much pain and I was all alone that I called him at Work and begging him to drive all the way to Nashville on a school night just to take me to the ER. He was happy to help- ridiculous, I know. Back to the point, I had to have an x-ray
  25. Yummy food you make: Coach loves my Lasagna and chicken enchiladas from the box (so embarrassing)
  26. Zoo favorite animal: The tigers :-)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Pumpkin Pancakes!

What you need: Pancake batter you love, skillet and or griddle and canned pumpkin.

 Here is where we start! I should have probably used whole grain pancake mix but this is what I had and it's delish! I mixed the pancakes as instructed and added 2 heaping tablespoons of canned pumpkin. (NOT PUMPKIN PIE, JUST PLAIN OLE' PUMPKIN!) then I sprinkled in some Cinnamon.
Cook them and then....
Do as the Coach does, and shovel them into your pie-hole.

Seriously easy. So stop saying you can't cook and make yourself some breakfast tomorrow morning!

Love & Peace!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Whoop Whoop!

I'm down 6lbs! Yay!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Making it fit!

It's time, really.
I have got to lose my last 20 pounds. My wedding dress will never fit me if I don't.
So here is the plan:
No Meat
No Dairy
No Sweets

Sounds crazy huh? Well it is- a little. BUT here is what I CAN eat:
Apples, Oranges, Bananas, Grapes and any other fruit I want!
Veggies like Avacado, Mushrooms, Corn, Green Beans and LOTS of Salads.
Whole Grain Pasta and WG bread/tortillas, WG Cereal
Hummus, Oatmeal (I made some pumpkin oatmeal last night YUM!)
I can still have diet coke...for now. And lots and lots of WATER.

Check out the fridge!! (The REAL milk belongs to the Coach)

Now, I will say that I am giving myself a break on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. I mean, I can make sacrafices without hating life :-)

So far today I have eaten:
Cheerios with Silk for breakfast (the vanilla soy milk is surprisingly tasty)
A HUGE Salad at Lunch and some corn.
Then I had hummus and WG crackers with another salad for dinner. And just a few minutes ago I ate some peanut butter crackers. I know I sound a little nutty but I know my body well enough to know that if I don't STARVE myself the first few weeks I'm way more likely to stick to something. After my body has had sometime to phase out the stuff that's keeping my lbs around, then I'll start to really cut quantity. And I think I'll probably get back on the Weight Watchers point system. It's a great way to keep track of my weight loss.

I have got to be at my weight goal by my birthday, May 6th.
24lbs, seeyabye!

Love & Peace!
And P.S. Coach is HATING every minute of this, duh!

Thanks y'all!

It's that time of year! Most of us have quite a lot for which to be thankful.
And I am very thankful for you- my readers! I really can't tell you how much I appreciate you hanging in there with me over the last few months when I have basically fallen off of the blogging planet.

Y'all are the best :-)
Love & Peace!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Since you've been gone..

Oh wait, that's me, I'm the one who has been gone! Oops.

Here's what's happening in our neck of the woods:

Early in October Coach and I had our first Wedding Shower. It was early but almost all of my Family on both sides lives in Illinois. So while we were up there for Fall Break my Aunt and Cousin were kind enough to host a couples shower. The best part is that my Dad was up for the UofI game and he got to come too! It really worked out perfectly!
WKU Homecoming came and went. Coach and I had a really good time catching up with my sorority sisters and all of his intramural buddies. The game was excellent- WKU Actually WON! And the student section rushed the field!!! It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen at WKU, I know I'm a dork but it seriously brought tears to my eyes. The Hilltopper spirit is such a powerful thing. #gotops! 

My nephew is HUGE. His 2nd birthday was in Mid-October and I missed it :-( I'm pretty tired of living so far from my family. I can't wait to get home and see them all more often!


 Coach and I had our engagement pictures taken, and they turned out pretty good! Jen and her husband, Chris were very tolerant of our childish and awkward behavior. The pink and blue picture it the one that we're sending in our save the date. It's typical of us.
**Funny story- the night before these pictures were taken I was busy making sure all of our clothing was together and that we had everything we needed for our costume changes and right before bed I notice that the Coach had not cut his hair (he does it himself- it's just a buzz cut, we'll keep our $12 kthanksbye) so I sort of sharply say, "You haven't cut your hair yet! Why??" he replies, "Uh, I'm not going to cut it" to which Elizabeth replies even more sharply, "Uhhh, YES YOU ARE!" Lots of "FINES" and door slamming ensue but ultimately Coach agreed to cut his hair. Fast forward about 10 minutes and I'm laying in bed while Coach gets out his razor to cut his hair in the bathroom. He is still huffing  around and muttering under his breath when I suddenly
"*&%#$ *&%#@"- Coach

That's what you get for acting like a baby. Welp, that means he has to cut his hair with a 1. And thus "baldy" appears in our engagement pictures.
What I wanted to say was, "Dear Coach, (because I know you're reading) NOTE TO SELF, do whatever Elizabeth says, and don't argue and then this won't happen."
BIGGEST LESSON LEARNED: During wedding week, cut hair many days before.

My Mom came for a visit! We got lots of wedding business taken care of! We now have a cake, and a florist and Mom has finally seen our reception venue!

HALLOWEEEEENNNN! It's my most favorite of holidays! And this year, the Coach and I were "The corpse bride and groom" AND I WON BEST COSTUME!!!! It was great!

In football news, the Purples are still winning. They have a huge game this coming Friday against a good team from Elizabethtown and if they can beat them the Purples will be playing for the State Championship. They have made it this far, I'm sure they can pull it off! December 3rd can't get here soon enough, I'm looking forward to a long winter with my Coach. Snow days and Cocoa:-) ...but first things first, GO PURPLES!

This is a picture of Coach's 17 (of 19) Offensive Linemen. Our friends the Seabolts hosted this gathering for the players closests to my Coach and theirs. Tabby and I both cooked ALL day! The dinner was lots of work but worth it! Mostly I enjoyed talking to the Seabolts for a long time after the boys had gone home. They have been through many seasons (football seasons, that is) together and seem to love one another they way high school kids do :-) I hope that my Coach is learning as from Coach Seabolt as I am learning from his wonderful wife!
Coach and I chowing down at the O-line dinner!

I know I already mentioned that Grant was growing like a weed but I couldn't leave out little Annabelle! AnnaBanana is looking more and more beautiful every day! I can't wait to MEET her next month. And doesn't my sister just look lovely? Motherhood fits her so well!

*hehe* I couldn't resist! Here is Grant in the raincoat I got him a while back.
He's the perfect ending to this overdue update!

I'll be back in blogging action more often as soon as football season ends!

Love & Peace!