Friday, February 18, 2011

Coaches Weekend

This weekend is Nike's "Coach of the Year Clinic" in Louisville Kentucky. My Coach and his fellow para-pro's are enjoying a couple of days of coachly socializing and a few seminars

(I always wonder if they really attend any of those or if they just chat it up with other coaches in the Galt House lobby...hmmm)
Typically, this clinic is on Valentine's Day weekend however, this year Valentine's day was on a Monay (as you know) and so the clinic fell on the weekend ahead of us now. And this year, I'm joining Coach for the 2nd half of his football weekend. It's like our own little Love-Bird get-away and it's a dream for Coach, because he gets to spend half of it with football ;-)

The plan is to leave with my friend Jamie (also a Coaches wife) around 1pm and head north. We're hoping to meet up with another Coaching couple for dinner in the Ville and then hit the town. Because we're staying in town we'll be celebrating V-Day on 4th street. I haven't been down there since college so I'm looking forward to it! I'll let you all know how things go!

Happy BELATED Valentine's Day. Love <3>

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shared Spaces

In May when Coach and I joined our homes, we combined a number of items.
-Our clothing, we now share a closet....a tiny little mouse hole of a closet.
-Our cleaning supplies, Coach uses generic, I prefer my Windex.
-Our bookshelf.

Have you ever head that "you are what you eat!"? Well, I have decided that even more so, "you are what you READ."
Coach is a Coach in every area of his life. He is, of course, a Coach to his Football players. He's young and a little juvenile (if I do say so myself) so they relate well :-) He is a Coach in his classroom everyday. And his is also a Coach to me. He encourages me, supports me, cusses me, and keeps me working hard. And All of this Coaching is reflected in his reading.

(Coach's Shelf)
I am a emotional person. I make 90% of my decisions with my heart. I allow my gut to guide, like so many other women do. I am a teacher, a believer, a friend and a writer. And I love weddings. (Day of Inspiration!) My shelf in the office, says just that :-) Included on my Shelf are,

(My Bookshelf)
What does your bookshelf say about you?

Love and Peace- may you all stay dry and warm this week. My friends in Chicago are preparing for a doozie!