Saturday, October 10, 2009

Presents and Princes!

In mid August I through a baby shower on behalf of my Sister and her first child to be, Grant Charles. I just wanted to share some of the photos from this event! It was a complete Success. I also have a few photos to post from Michael and Ashley's couples shower, I'm starting to really enjoy all of this party planning!

Alright! Here are the Michael and Ashley Shower shots!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2 weekends in the possibility city!

The weekend of September 25th was a crazy one. I had the opportunity to act as the "day of coordinator" for one of my best friends weddings. Ashley Welch and I met my sophomore year in college. We were both little sisters to Sig Ep and our boyfriends shared a house together off campus for a couple of years. Originally, Ashley (whose nickname is Juicy) and I were not friends. With similar personalities, Juicy and I really butted heads. After some time together and good behavior, we learned that we could actually be friends and that being alike was actually highly benificial for our friendship! Anyway, back to the wedding. Juicy married Michael Kunz, her childhood sweetheart. They have been living in Louisville for almost a year now and until a few months ago they were so worried about the renovation of their home that the wedding was on the back burner. Michael and Ashley purchased a foreclosure home near Crestwood. Michael has a degree in Architectural Sciences and Ashely in Interior design, so you would think, if anyone could handle it, it would be them....and while the house is beautiful now, you would not believe the work it required. I'm glad they didn't kill each other before they got down the aisle! This is a shot of the guest bathroom looks beautiful now, I wish I had an after shot but as you can tell, this was a daunting task. Saturday's wedding was gorgeous. I had the opportunity to spend the whole day with Juicy. And by 4:30 it was wedding time :-) Here are just a few pictures of their beautiful day!

Weekend two was football galore. Ben Faust coaches for Bowling Green High school, and there was a home game so Friday night began the insanity. I got to B's game at 6:45 and watch the game until about 10pm. I stayed and congratulated B on his win and then headed back to his house to wait. It was about 10 degrees Friday night (not literally) so I took his house key home and waited for him to pack up the field house and get back. At 11pm we left for Louisville. Crashed at his parents house, and got up at 7am this next morning to meet Jennifer and Andy( Ben's brother and sister in law) and then head off to Lexington for the UK/Bama game. We tailgated, watched the game and then jumped in the car 7 hours later to head back to Louisville for the St.X/Trinity game...but 9pm I was beat. I'm sure I was horrible to sit with! I was freezing, hungry and exhausted. Ben is a saint for putting up with me. Sunday morning we went to church at Harvey Brown, which is where I went to church when we lived in Louisville. Then we stopped by a family birthday party and hit the road. Brief as my description has been, it was a great weekend. I loved seeing Alabama win and enjoyed another great weekend in the possibility city!