Sunday, October 21, 2012

The maxi dress.

I have only 1 maxi dress people, but I'm telling you I love it. I wore my black maxi to church this morning with a long necklace and my denim jacket because believe it or not it's actually cool enough to warrant a jacket...if you consider 75 and breezy cool enough :-) My outfit this morning got me thinking about the Florida "Fall and Winter" options in my wardrobe and honestly I don't think I have enough. It's hard to imagine that considering the offensive amount of clothing in my closet but as I prepare to put away some blatantly summer clothing this evening (like my white or lemon sorbet shorts) I have come to find that I have no "inbetweener" outfits. I have summer clothes, Old Navy fleece jackets to put over my summer clothes for the fall and then I have stuff for winter. And I'm talking tights, wool skirts, heavy sweaters, and suede boots. These are fun pieces that I intend to keep...for my trip to Kentucky in December. But otherwise I find that 7 years in Kentucky has killed my Florida "Fall and Winter" wardrobe. I need light weight clothes that match the color palette expectations of the later seasons and lightweight layers to add some depth to those outfits.

So to my decision I have come...

In the spring and summer I liiiivvveee in sundresses and wedges so in the fall and winter I plan to live in maxi dresses and cardigans.  Look at some of the fun options I found- Enjoy!



mod cloth

mod cloth
There is my black maxi that I love so dearly- and Kasey's cute maxi too :-)
Ok so there they are my new fall orders, all worn in my classroom with a cardi of course. What are you planning to wear this fall? (In Florida or further north!)

Love & Peace

Friday, October 19, 2012

Wedding Photo Highlights :-)

Just a few of my favorite wedding pictures :-) Thanks for following the blog!

Love & Peace.

The pink candle burned brightly for our sweet niece, Annabelle Elizabeth Walton.

Thank you to all of our friends and family for joining us on this wonderful day. We really can't tell you how much we appreciate your understanding of our heavy hearts as we were still grieving the loss of our sweet niece only 2 weeks before. We look back on this day with glad and grateful hearts.

God Bless my husband.

HI!!!!! Sorry I suck. I'm back...for now :-)

I am coming up for air because today is our first day off of the 2012-2013 school year!!!! Hooray, I say! The 1st quarter ended yesterday after what was a hellacious 3 weeks for me. I worked 12 hour days for 15 straight days which included 3 district trainings, 14 parent teacher conferences, 3 unit test, 15 end of quarter assessments, 6 DRA's and formal observation from my Principal.  Please allow me to mention that is is also still football season and that on Thursday and Friday nights I have been attending Armwood Hawk JV and Varsity football games without fail. While I am tired, there is no exhaustion that compares to what my husband must be feeling...without one single complaint. Brace yourselves, I'm getting ready to brag....

As a first year coach on this team, the Coach's job has been to basically learn the ins and outs of their program and so while I'm not getting to see him in action as much as I'd like on Friday nights, I really love to see him elbow deep in the JV team on Thursdays. This is his 6th season as a high school football coach and I love the way I have seen him develop as a true teacher of the game.  Coach gets home from football between 7 and 7:30 every night after having woken up at 5:45am and teaching junior and senior ESE (special education) English all day. We eat dinner together and then he spends his evening either working on his projects for graduate school, or grading English papers until he goes to bed at 10pm. On Thursday nights he's never home from a JV game before 11pm and on Friday's we're never home before midnight. He gets up by 8am on Saturday mornings from meetings and practice that last until noon or 1pm, then he comes home and mows the lawn, washes both cars, and usually starts the laundry.

And I thought I was tired!!!

The best part of all of this is the JOY that my husband carries in his heart. With steady hands and broad shoulders he carries the burden of his every day life with enough room in his heart for my needs and wants. This morning (before he left for an extra day of football practice) he talked with me at length about last nights game and our plans for the weekend and our plans for the future and anything that I felt like chatting about. Did he want to talk to me at 8am after getting home after 1am? No, probably not. But he did :-)

He is such an inspiration to me. His positive, loving presence is a reminder to me NOT to complain. He reminds me every day how hard workers always persevere and how really good men DO still exist.
God Bless my husbands, God Bless him.!/saraGphotography?fref=ts

Love & Peace.