Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oh Heavens, Ms. Evans...

This room looks a-mess!!

Allow me to introduce you to my new Kindergarten classroom. These are the BEFORE pictures. I'll post progress and FIRST DAY of school pictures later this week!! Pray for me!

Here is a link to my new class blog:

Love & Peace!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Three things you should know:
1. I got a Kindergarten job! Praise Jesus! More on this to come.
2. The shoebox (A.K.A. our apartment) looks like a bomb went off!
3. Friday's ball game is in Lexington. Two word: um no. Bye Coach see ya Saturday morning when you get back from the game. I am going to be a terrible Coach's wife.
Love & Peace for HOT Kentucky.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Listen people, I'm a snob but so is the Coach.

We all know it. Let's just get it out there. I'll say it again, I'm a snob. I like the finer things in life, I loathe people with no manners and I don't like to be dirty...ok, maybe I'm a little bit of a brat too. BUT that being said I will share that I bought what I think will be my wedding shoes!!! (Mother must approve to be 100%) And I put aside my snobbery ways to purchase these Nine West Shoes from MARSHALLS!!!!!!!!!!! They were $20.00! Look at them- they are AMAZING!

Obviously, I can't post any pictures of my dress until post June 30th 2012 BUT this little photo should give you some insight into the glam of my gown :-) Usually I would ask what y'all think but today I will just say, even if you don't like them just lie to me- don't rain on my parade.

Have a told you about St. X? Oh, I haven't?? WELLLL....

St. Xavier (St. X) is where Coach went to high school. St. X is an exceptional school. They have such respect for tradition and academic integrity that I really can't say a bad word about the place other than it turned Coach into a MAJOR PRIVATE SCHOOL SNOB. (I did not attend a private high school and we all know that I am much smarter than Coach ;-) After all, I know everything.) Our friend Bobbi always teases Coach that his parents paid 8 thousand bucks a year for good catholic boy manners. And while there is probably some truth in that, I will say that I like those nice catholic manners very much. And for the Coach and his family St. X is much more than a high school. It's a part of them all. All 30+ male (1st) cousins that attended feel the same way. Coach played for and won a state championship during his time as a Tiger and proudly displays his "Band of Brother" memorabilia in his football office at the apartment. The Coach goes to see them play their rival every year, he only wears "hunter" green and never "shamrock" green as not to be reminded of that rival team even when it isn't football season. He drives by the stadium every time he's in town for the weekend, he talks to his brother for HOURS about their sock colors and the quarterback and he complains regularly about how stupid he thinks the visitor side of the stadium at their field looks. We're talking 7 years later people, he is OBSESSED.

Here is the Coach (and Sophia) watching the St. X game last night via the Internet. He said it was scouting, I say he was lying.
And so I come to the point of this paragraph... ON Friday September 2nd, 2011, there will be a crack in the planet. The coach will stand on the VISITORS side at the St. X field as the Bowling Green Purples take on the St. Xavier Tigers. OH. MY. GOD. Pray for me please. Because I'm pretty sure that as ugly and grouchy Coach can be during normal game weeks that this could mean the end of our engagement if I'm not really careful. I am seriously considering moving in with another coach's wife for the week just to avoid the tension. I'll let you know when it's closer to time- but I'm sure you'll see the dark cloud hanging over our apartment during the last week of August.

Between now and then we have a couple of other games. Starting tonight with the Rafferty's Bowl. It's a 2 game event at Western Kentucky University's football stadium and should be...interesting. The Purples play Allen County/Scottsville who went all the way to the state finals last season. So like I told my Dad, this could either be really good or REALLY bad. I think Coach may be in the press box on the headset tonight (and every other game this season) so I'll be bored out of my mind- I might have to actually WATCH the game rather than check out the Coach all night. I'll be bringing my new Vogue, Glamour, Louisville Guide (potentially for the Wedding Welcome Bags) and an Oriental Trading magazine to get me through the evening.

Ok, long post but I've missed you all :-) Please keep reading and tell ya friends!

Love & Peace football fans!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Football Wreaths.

The Coach and I are in need of a new wreath for our front door. It's fall so I was thinking something seasonal but let's be honest in our house there is Winter, Spring, Summer and Football.

So what would a "fall" wreath be if not Football themed?!
I googled a few but didn't find anything that really grabbed me. What do you all think of these 2 football wreaths?
I like this cute wood wreath. I was thinking purple with gold/yellow dots and instead of the big "G" I was thinking I would put BGHS, or maybe just a P for Purples. Thoughts?

I think this is cute too, but I could do it better :-) I was thinking about putting BGHS instead of NATHAN. And maybe add some more green? Thoughts?

Are there other options? I have this fabulous Halloween wreath that is that new trendy fishnetty fabric. Maybe I should make one of those???

Anyway, just hoping for some feedback. If you know of any cute places to order a Football wreath I would be willing to consider that too! Thanks in advance!

Love & Peace!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Crackberry Dump :-)

Well, Football season has begun. This is the purple and gold scrimmage.

This is my apartment....Oh. My. God. THE MESS! It's like Where's Waldo! Can you find the kitty in the chaos??

Smack dab in the middle of the country. This is from my lonely 5 hour drive to Illinois last month when I went to see my Grandma.

Summer Camp end and we took shots. Praise the LORD!

Um...this is why I haven't been blogging. Little Kitty wants to take ova!

Brayden came to visit the Coach and me. He was a great guest and he enjoyed the time with his Uncle. He got to go to a Japanese steakhouse while he was down!

Sophia is making herself right at home.

Coach is SO cute :-)

Our friend Jessica came to stay with us and the cats decided that they like our air mattress. So weird.

Well, that's my life. Sorry I suck at blogging.

Love & Peace!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shrinking Checklist!

Our wedding is 11 months away and believe it or not our wedding checklist is shrinking everyday! So far:

1. We have a church booked!
2. We have 2 of 4 pre-martial counseling sessions in the books and the 3rd one is scheduled.
3. We have reception venue (which includes our caterer!)
4. And we have already figured out the general layout of our reception.
5. We have a rehearsal dinner location.
6. We have a florist we LOVE.
7. As you can read below, we have an excellent photography team.
8. This weekend we just started laying out details for our "late night surprise."

Still on this list would be:
1. Choosing a bakery. (Mom's coming up from Florida in October for that!)
2. Finding a DJ- This is proving to be much harder than I anticipated.
3. The Guest Welcome Bags.
5. Finding someone to video tape our ceremony...I'm not paying $2,500 to have someone do something I could hire a college kid to do for $500. :-)

Love & Peace dear friends! I'll have a job post sometime next week!

!P.S.! Have you seen our reception site?? Isn't it just marvelous????!?!?