Saturday, July 30, 2011

New monogram :-)

I'm hesitant lately to purchase anything with my Monogram on it.

Because my first and last initial are the same I have no problem buying things with the initial "E" but it's the full monogram that I avoid.

I have been putting myself out there in recent months by allowing people to share with me what THEY think I should do about my name once Coach and I say "I do." I really did want to hear other peoples opinions and thoughts on the subject, I just didn't expect people to look at me like an idiot if they didn't agree with or understand what I WAS THINKING.

Well, here it is: I have decided to make my last name my middle name and take Coach's last name as my last name. I will be:

Elizabeth CurrentLastName Coach'sLastName.

That will make my new monogram: EFE

And it will make my new initials: EEF


Also important to me, is holding tightly to the identity I find in my last name. I am extremely close to my father and I find a great deal of pride in my maiden name. I am proud to be a part of that family and I always will be. But as a tribute to where I started I will join my maiden name with where I'm going. (And I like the balanced looking monogram.)

NOW, after I'm married here are all of the things I plan to purchase with my new monogram!

This is car monogram. I already have one on the back window of my Explorer but I'm obviously going to need a new one post-wed :-)

How Darling?? I wear my silver studs 6 out of 7 days a week- it's an addiction! So if I could change it up with these little love bugs, I would be in heaven!


I plan on wearing this shirt during the wedding weekend and definitely on our honeymoon! Isn't it too cute??
Love & Peace reading friends :-)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Snap, Snap, Click, Click!

Have you met our wedding photographer???


WELL, allow me to introduce you to Jennifer Creed.

Once upon a time, Jennifer Creed was Jenny Brookins my college roommate!

And today she is a highly sought after, highly skilled, highly talented photographer

along with her Husband, Chris. (This is us together at the Nashvile Zoo on my 19th Birthday)

Check out their website:

The pictures are unforgettable.

Love & Peace...Oh and for Jenny I'll also say, watch a little Gilmore Girls this weekend, it will make you laugh.

You've got a friend in me...

Today, Kasey L. Roberts turns 23. It's her GOLDEN Birthday!
There are very few people in the world who have a friend as good as Kasey.
And because I am one of the lucky ones I have decided to create a list of the TOP 5 reason's KRob is amazing.

5. She is the only adult on the planet who can eat her weight in Cotton Candy and not vomit immediately after.

4. She knows more about Atlanta Brave's baseball than most men I know.

3. She looks great in a bridesmaids dress...and in the last few years she has gleefully worn quite a few...1 more next year too!

2. She is as obsessed with her niece, Leah, as I am with my Nephew, Grant. It makes me feel normal.

1. She puts up with my antics!

I could have gone on FOREVER but I'll spare you all!

Happiest of Birthday's to my Best Friend, Kasey!

Love & Peace!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Guest Blogger and a Feather.

Everybody needs a friend! I just happen to have one of the very best ones!
Allow me to introduce you to Diane, my guest blogger today!
Diane in a international recruiter for an organization affiliated with our Alma Mater. She is the 2009 WKU Homecoming Queen, Kappa Delta Alumnae and former Panhellenic President. She is really something!

Check out her business: Bosom Buddies
You can read all about this amazing project she and her family have created. In the mean time, enjoy a little something of today's trends!

I have NEVER been a rebellious person, honestly, the most rebellious thing I have ever did was move to Bowling Green for college; so on my way back from Asia on my most recent business trip I had an epiphany, I wanted to be rebellious, I wanted a change!! This rebellious change came in the form of a feather in my hair. Yes, for a dollar, I have seen the rebellious side of Diane. I have seen these feathers from time to time and was telling my hair dresser to cut all of my hair and dye it, she knows me VERY well and suggested something subtle, like a feather. The moment she attached it to my hair I felt free, so not myself. I am not one for trendy fashion, I like comfortable clothing that fits me. I never got the "Rachel" haircut or died my hair in the winter, but this felt right.

This blue feather represents a new me, a new rebellious me (ok, let's be honest, it is a feather and I think it just looks neat).

What do you think?? What is the most rebellious thing you have ever done?


Filler flower or fabulous new trend???

What are your thoughts on BIG, PUFFY, ALL BABY'S BREATH CENTERPIECES???

Take a look at these pictures and tell me honestly, what you think :-)

Thanks in advance for the help, y'all. This wedding planning stuff is pretty tough when it's YOUR OWN wedding!

Love & Peace! Oh, and Happy Hump Day!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Looooong road ahead.

I'm spending my last morning here in Clinton, Illinois with my Dad and his family. The Coach couldn't make it up this trip because 2 of our close friends tied the knot in Northern Kentucky this weekend and we needed to send a representative, Coach was kind enough to oblige.

That being said, I have to tell you that 2-a-days started this morning in South Central Kentucky and likely all over the USA. I can't tell you how happy I am NOT to have been there to see Coach dancing around the kitchen eating his cheerios this morning as he kissed our nights of movie watching and early dinners good-bye. Starting today he'll be gone before I'm awake and he'll be eating left-over dinners alone at 8pm. I greet this time of year with gloom and annoyance and he is chomping at the bit...Well, anywho, guess I'll see him when he comes up for air just in time for Christmas. Here's too a successful Purples Football season and a happy husband-to-be.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Buying Local

What exactly does that mean? Is it buying produce at your farmers market only? Eating regional cusine? Checking out your ingredients everywhere you eat?? Only shopping at stores that aren't chains???

I think it's all on the right track. With the economy they way it is, I think even the littlest help for your local businesses can go a long way. SO in an effort to get you thinking local, I am going to share a short list of my favorite local businesses in South Central Kentucky.

1. Rozella's Pizza
My thoughtst: Delish. It's pretty sketchy on the outside of the building but I think that's just a front. The pizza options are endless and the ham they use for the Hawian is sooooo good!

2. LuLu's Fine Home Furnishings & Little LuLu's
My thoughts: What a great way to buy home items! Everything is consignment but it's ONLY HIGH END CONSIGNMENT. The policy is the same for the children's store next door. It's RL, Kelly Kids, Rothschild, Bailey Boys, TH and such. Save yourself some money and shop at LuLu's. As an added bonus, I work here on the weekends soooo come see me! **Find them on FB too!**

3. Bella Salon and Spa.
My thoughts: Holy Cow this place is divine. The services are more ($$) than say, Fantastic Sams, but as far as legit salon's go- It's pretty afforable. The Massages are excellent and the ethstetitian (sp??) they have on staff is really skilled and you can rest at ease while she works on your eye brows.

4. Lucy's Fine Gifts.
My thoughts: Any place that sells L. Pulitzer is perfection in my book. They offer a personalized bridal AND baby registry so go in and take a look at all the high quality items they have to offer!

5. The Great American Doughnut Shop (GADS)
The WEBSITE: No website BUT you can find them at
My thoughts: This is a staple for late night WKU study breaks, early morning stops on the road to work and mid day sweet cravings. The doughnuts are exceptional in quality and vast in variety. The owner is a wonderful man who loves familiar faces. Stop in and make a friend at GADS today! I know it's rough on your waistline but life is all about moderation...and it's too short to skip doughnuts!

What are some of the hot spots in your area that make you proud of your town?
Coach and I are hoping to travel some this coming winter and into the spring so we would love to hear about any amazing places that might inspire a trip!

Love & Peace!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

There is something about the GREEN ones!

I was a Kappa Delta in college. So the fact that Princess Catherine is sporting this green dress all over Cali thrills me!

Aren't they just the most beautiful couple you have ever seen? I think I might be obsessed!


Please notice that the post below is FOREVER late on being posted because my darling little Pink Dell has been resistant to my blogging ways! I updated my Internet Explorer (Coach is a COMPUTER teacher, I don't know why I didn't just let him do it!) and I royally screwed up my JavaScript and such...Blah, Blah, Blah...No blogging for the last MONTH! Seriously?!?

In other updates, Coach and I got a new kitten and a new NIECE this week!

Adalynn June Faust (who shall be called Addie) was born in the wee hours of the morning on July 5th. She isn't technically my niece yet because we aren't married yet BUT I love her just the same!

Also exciting for us (but not nearly as exciting as a baby) is OUR newest addition.

Sophia Faust arrived in my lap on Wednesday afternoon after being discovered living alone on the boat of a Camp Councilor at the Summer Camp where I work between school years. She is adorable. She had 15 ticks on her poor little body (seriously!?) and needed a bath something fierce but she seems to be doing well right now. Because she had never really eaten anything before she has had a few problems with her little belly but Coach took her into the animal hospital today and they gave a quick booster shot to help with hydration. As soon as she puts on some weight and gets on a good routine we'll be introducing her to BIG brother, Jeremiah.

When did I become one of those creepy people who talks about their animals like they are children?? Seriously, YIKES!

I have lots of other things to share this weekend so please check bag in and forgive me for being M.I.A. Weekend topics will include, the Living Room update, BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES, the store where I work (yes I have 3 jobs.) and Good Eats my new weekly blog plans for dinner time dishes!

Love & Peace on this HOT HOT HOT July Saturday!