Monday, May 14, 2012

Wedding #1

There are a BUNCH of weddings for us this summer. And Saturday night was our first. My sorority sister and good friend Kendra got married and we had a wonderful time so I thought I would share the very few pictures I actually have. I really forgot my camera so I stole these from 2 of my friends :-)
This is my Little Sister (KappDelta) and my friend Diane who is also one of my bridesmaids in June.

Look at the pretty head table :-)

The Coach and me waiting for some of that yummy cake behind us.

The whole pretty bridal party.

The lovely cake- it was yummy.

Her pretty centerpieces -she had a peacock theme.

Holy Spirit is SUCH a pretty place to get married- this picture doesn't even do it justice.

Never too old to throw up a KD!

Sweet Mr. and Mrs. Johnson

They had poker tables in the back of the reception- it was a hit!

This picture....oh Lord.
We had a fabulous time and it was a great way to visit with all of our friends that we will miss so much when we move next month. We can't wait to celebrate with them all again on 6/30/12!

Love & Peace!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Worth Pursuing.

In the Summer of 2008 I broke up with the Coach. We'd been dating a little while and we didn't seem to be on the same page. I was only 21, there was an old boyfriend hanging around and I was tired of fighting so I ended things. It was probably my 10th break up over a lifetime but it was his 1st. He wasn't surprised, if he had been more self-motivated back then he probably would have done it himself. When we broke up the Coach had already agreed to help me get home to Tampa that Summer. We were within a couple of weeks from the trip and the split was so amicable that we decided to go on with it anyway... I'm pretty sure I tortured him for 4 days.  I talked about my ex-boyfriend and my family and me, me, me, me, me. I wasn't trying to impress him anymore and we didn't have anything to fight about so I just talked. We met my Mom (who was vacationing) in Daytona for the 4th of July and we had a great time. Then we drove to Orlando and stayed at my sister's so that we could go to Disney the next day. Again this was about my 30th trip to Disney and it was his 1st. We had a great time. We spent a day or so in Tampa before driving him to the airport where he flew back to Nashville and then drove on the Bowling Green. When I think about that trip and the 18 months that followed it makes me sick to my stomach. Now, I could never imagine treating him with such indifference. I could never toss him on a plane with out tears and a million hugs and kisses good-bye. I couldn't walk through Disney World with him without giggling and holding his hand. Worst of all is that I did go back to the old boyfriend and it wasn't pretty. But as bad as I feel about everything that happened, after that trip something changed in the Coach. He told me on the beach that weekend in Tampa that he was in love with me and that he would show me how he could be exactly the man I needed because something had shown him that we were meant to be together. At the time I thought it was nuts. When he got home to Louisville a few weeks later, he wrote me the most incredible love letter I have ever seen. Again I'll say, at the time, I thought he was nuts.
Here we are at Disney that Summer :-)
For the next 14 months, the Coach came to every bar and ball game and party I went to. He came to hear me sing the national anthem at a minor league baseball game. He brought me flowers and gum (yes, gum) He volunteered with my Sorority and made good with my friends. He went to the gym (and bought socks without holes) and he waited. He watched me date someone else, someone he hated, and yet he continued to wait. He very carefully and very diligently became my friend. Later on, the Coach's Mom told me that one afternoon she sent him an email suggesting that maybe he should leave it all alone and move on from me. He very kindly replied that he couldn't, he just knew we were meant to be, he knew that I was the only person on this earth for him.

In August of  2009, he called me. I was in Tampa for the Summer and the Coach had seen that the Tampa Bay Bucs were having practice or something and he wanted to come down. He was going to stay in a hotel, but he wanted to see me. In true Elizabeth form I insisted that he stay at the house with us and then complained to my parents that I didn't know what to do with him- I knew that he liked me but I had another boyfriend. They both told me that the Coach was a nice boy and to suck it up. So I did.

He came for about 3 days. It was 105 degrees the whole week and we spent almost every moment floating around in the ice cold swimming pool at my parents house. We talked about everything under the sun. He listened to my stories and gave me advice, he told me funny things about his roommates and he even went to a couple of the football practices with my Dad. I have never laughed so hard with anyone in my life. It was so much fun having him around. When I took him to the airport this time, my heart ached. Even now as I write down this story my eyes are filling with tears... He hugged me so tightly and he said, "you are my best friend" and then when he let go of my body it was like he was releasing me. I don't know how to explain it but I could actually feel him letting me go. And instead of being relieved that he was ready to move on from me, I was devastated. I went home that night and told my Mom everything. I told how I couldn't explain it but I was in love with him too. Her advice was for me to hold my breath for 30 days. She said that if I was really in love with him that I owed it to him to let it sit. (She wanted me to be really really sure before I hurt him again) and it was the best advice I have ever been given.

I didn't talk to the Coach for that month. I couldn't even try or would have poured my heart out to him and I knew it was too soon. So I waited. I moved to Nashville (terrible choice but it all worked out) and started coming up to Bowling Green for long weekends. One Friday night while I was staying with my best friend, I decided to go to the Purples Football game. I remember standing in her bathroom putting on purple eye shadow and her asking me, "So he's back in, huh?" I denied it- but she knew.

I remember seeing him that night like it was yesterday. He was glowing and I was too. I could have hopped the fence and thrown my arms around him the moment I saw him. It was the single greatest moment of my life. We stood by the field house making small talk for a few minutes before the game. The game felt like it took forever. I waited forever more while he got his things after the game and met me at the gate. He walked me all the way across the parking lot to my car before I finally said it.

"I love you. I was wrong and I hurt you and if you'll have me, then I promise to spend every day of the rest of our lives showing you how right you have been all along."

You know the bastard just stood there and grinned and then he had to audacity to say, "I'll call you tomorrow- I have some things to think about." I COULD HAVE DIED! (Yes, I know, I deserved it.) He said then that he needed time to process what had just happened, but he says now that he wanted to see me sweat just a little. I went out with my friends in town that night but ended up with the Coach the next day. We went to Waffle House at 2am on Sunday morning and the rest, as they say, is history.
via- Jen Creed Photographer
We're getting so close to our wedding and I keep thinking about who we are as a couple and who we will become and the thing that assures me the very most is knowing that to him I was worth pursuing. I was worth fighting for. I was worth the effort. And in a world of boys who treat women like dirt and girls who beg for attention only to be denied and ridiculed and abandoned I think that's really saying something about the kind of man the Coach really is.

If there is only 1 thing that you take away from this story it is that EVERY SINGLE WOMAN ON THIS EARTH IS WORTH IT.  Every woman, that means YOU, is valuable and should be pursued with intention and vigor. And if the man in your life is not willing to do that for you, then he isn't worth a grain of salt. I know that God wants more for you. He was willing to send his own SON to die for you, I think I'd say you're pretty valuable to Him so you should certainly be deeply valuable in the eyes of your boyfriend. No one should settle. If you trust in the Lord He will make your paths straight and He will lead you to the kind of man He knows you deserve. 

LOVE & Peace.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Showered with Love

Our awkward prom pose at the end of the shower.

Thanking our guests.

Oh that Coach, he just thinks he's soooo funny.

My helpers for the day. 

gifts galore!

Pretty kitchen things.

some of our lovely guest.

Just waiting to get started.

Eating and talking with my hands...what else is new. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Ever had one of those days?? I'm having one today. Last week the Coach and I went back and forth to Louisville 3 different times in 7 days. It was exhausting, it has made laundry linger on for days and days and it has left the Shoebox in shambles. We had a really wonderful family shower last weekend and for that we are very thankful- seeing everyone so much last week is the only thing that made the trips back and forth tolerable. I love any opportunity to see the Coach's loving family. It does appear, however, that the travel and the stress and chaos has caught up with me. So please allow me just a moment to rant...

I haven't lost any weight in the last 3 weeks and today when I met with my trainer- I was up 2 lbs. Crap.

My Kindergarten students take their standardized test on Monday and when I met in small group with some of my kiddos today, I was alarmed by the mistakes they were making that I did not anticipate. Crap.

I've stayed up well past 10:30, 2 nights in a row, working on school related items, only to still wake at 5:30am and now on day 2 of this late night tomfoolery, I am exhausted. I didn't realize how badly I need 8 hours of sleep. Crap.

I still have a list of about 100 items that still really need to be purchased/ordered for the wedding in  60 days and money just doesn't grow on trees folks. Crap.

Kindergarten Play needs to be writing, Professional Development packet needs to be submitted, Skill Assessments need to be started, memory books need to be made, My math kids need to be assessed one-on-one, I need to start organizing/packing my room for the move to FL, my kids were ornery all day today, I have to go on an outdoor field trip on Thursday, THERE IS NOT ENOUGH TIME FOR ANYTHING, LET ALONE EVERYTHING! Crap.

I have absolutely no desire to cook dinner but with my weight situation I refuse to eat garbage. The Coach doesn't cook. Crap.

I miss my Dad, my Mom, my Sister and her family. I wish we had already moved. Crap.

Ok that's all I've got. Thanks for letting me get that out. I'll be back with more positive posts tomorrow- including Wedding Shower pictures!

Love & Peace!