Sunday, September 11, 2011

nine eleven.

Forever and ever.

Love & Peace.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Keenland- Link up!

Read this, y'all!

Love & Peace.

Keep Calm &...

I love these cute little images! Have you seen them??

I thought you all might enjoy a few of my very favorites :-)

This next one is my MOST FAVORITE OF ALL!!
(If you know me then you know that I L-O-V-E Princess Catherine!)

Happy Saturday y'all! It's football season, soak it up! And I have to drop in a few obligatory, "go teams" so here they are:
Go Tops
Go Fighting Illini (Oskee Wow Wow 4eva!)
Roll Tide

Love & Peace!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Welcome Annabelle!

Annabelle Elizabeth Walton was born to my dear, darling Sister, Amanda and her husband Rodney at 3:41pm today! She weighed 8lbs, 6oz and is 21 inches long. 

Yesterday was Grant's last day as on only child :-) 

I am now the proud Aunt of 1 nephew and 1 niece! God is good!

Love & Peace!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday.

You're every minute of my every day :-)

Look how cute the Coach was back in high school??? Isn't that sweet!!! Here he is on football picture day during his senior year- August of 2004.
Here he is 6 years later....

Still as studly as ever ;-)
Love & Peace, friends. Go home and snuggle your somebody.

New rings and New Orleans!

The Coach and I are taking a trip!
In January we're flying down to New Orleans to visit my lifelong friend Alan and his new FIANCEE, Jessica! We're both so excited we can't hardly stand it!!
This is the 4 of us in Nashville one night when Alan and Jessica were in town! I was so happy for Alan and Ben to finally meet but I was most excited about meeting Jessica for the 1st time! 

I love this picture of them, I think it's just hysterical!
Here they are shortly (days) after they got engaged.
Love & Peace!
Can't wait to start packing for January!

Registry woes, and purple toes.

My sweet cousin, Tracey, and her Mother, Susi have offered to host a shower for the Coach and me when we're up in Illinois in October. October 2nd actually. That's about 5 weeks from now. Coach and I aren't getting married until June so we were going to wait until after the first of the year to register for any gifts in an effort to prevent any of our registry items from "retiring" before our wedding. However, with the only shower for my family (both sides) being in October we really just have to register and register soon.

We decided to register at Bed, Bath and Beyond because they have EVERYTHING including China. (We live in the south- I'm marrying a football Coach- I will be entertaining, I'm registering for China. Please don't try to talk me out of it.) We also decided to register at Pottery Barn for some bedding, decor, dining extras, etc. The problem we are running into is that the closest place to us that has either of those stores is Nashville (60 minutes away.) This isn't a problem for most of our guests as they have both stores in Louisville, Tampa and Champaign. So we're pretty sure people are set but what are Coach and I to do?? It's football season, how will we find a weekend to get down to Nashville and get registered?? I thought about doing it all online but that started to really scare me! HOW WILL WE EVER FIND THE TIME?!?!?

(See drama here: Saint Xavier)